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KBS1TV [일요진단] 프로그램 리브랜딩

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Brand Design

Motion Graphics


2019. 05.      

Dohee Kim      

Dohee Kim

Dohee Kim

Dohee Kim

KBS1TV 일요진단의 개편을 맞이해 프로그램 아이덴티티를 재정립하는 작업을 진행했다. 전체적으로 콘셉트를 블랙, 그레이, 라임 레몬 컬러로 맞췄다. 심볼 이미지를 제작하고 포인트 컬러를 요소에 적용시켜 작업을 완성했다.

In the wake of the reorganization of KBS1TV's Sunday diagnosis, DOSIGN was in charge of re-branding its program identity. Overall, the color was applied in black, gray, and lime lemon. It finished its work by producing symbolic images and applying point colors to elements.

Opening Title Sequence