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[남원시립 김병종 미술관] 뮤지엄 아이덴티티

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Project Management   

Filming & Editing

Motion Graphics

Video Narration

Book Design

Leaflet Design


2018. 01.      

Dohee Kim      

Juhyeon Jung, Duckhyung Kim

Dohee Kim, Minjeong Lee,

Hyeseon Han

Hyeseon Han

Dohee Kim

Dohee Kim, Minjeong Lee

Dohee Kim, Minjeong Lee

남원시에서 남원시립 김병종 미술관 개관을 앞두고 전시관 아이덴티티(MI) 작업을 착수했다. DOSIGN은 김병종 화백의 작품을 담은 도록과, 전시관에 필요한 포스터, 티켓 등의 디자인 애플리케이션을 제작했고, 전시관 내부에 상영하는 전시관 소개 영상과 김병종 화백의 소개 영상을 기획, 구성, 제작했다.

Ahead of the opening of the Namwon City Kim Byung-jong Museum of Art, Namwon City has begun to work on the exhibition identity (Museum Identity).


DOSIGN produced design applications such as books containing works by artist Kim Byung-jong, posters and tickets needed for the exhibition hall, and planned, organized and produced an introduction video of artist Kim Byung-jong inside the exhibition hall.

Artist Kim Byungjong Introduction Clip

This video has been deleted.

Namwon City Kim Byung-jong Museum of Arts Introduction Clip