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KBS 디지털뉴스 ​크랩 리브랜딩

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Project Management 

Brand Design

Motion Graphics

2020. 03.      

Dohee Kim      

Dohee Kim

Dohee Kim

2017년에 론칭한 KBS 디지털뉴스 브랜드 [크랩]의 리브랜딩 작업을 진행했다. 기존 로고에서 보다 심플하게 룩을 잡았고, 컬러도 보색을 사용해 활용성을 높였다.

DOSIGN carried out the rebranding of KBS digital news brand Crab, which was launched in 2017. It has a simpler look from the existing logo, and has enhanced its usability by selecting complementary colors.

Logo Animation